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Dying is inevitable. We will all leave life eventually; so why not be prepared and do it the way you want? We have insurance, just in case something we value becomes damaged. We plan for weddings, we plan for births, we plan for birthdays, holiday, vacations...we plan for just about everything; except death. Is it because we are afraid of dying? Possibly. Could it be that we are daunted by the enormity and finality of it? Probably, but with a little guidance and understanding, it can be a rewarding and renewing experience for everyone involved.


Whether you are young and healthy, terminally  ill, or somewhere in between, it is not too late to start planning your exit strategy. Do you have a will? Who are your beneficiaries? Do you have an advanced directive? Power of attorney and an agent to make medical decisions for you if you can't? If your answer is yes to none, some or all of these things, Winds of Change is here to help you with the rest.


The perception around death and dying is beginning to change, we are beginning to see that there are other options for caring for our loved ones during the life-death transition. Formal funerals and quiet somber affairs are being replaced with end-of-life parties and green burials. Winds of Change can guide you along the path that is right for you and aide your family, friends, and caregivers to join you on your final journey.